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notbadforactors's Journal

Not bad for a bunch of actors
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Information, fanworks and other fun about the "Band of Brothers" actors
First, let us take a moment to hail Ron Livingston, bringer of the greatest special feature known to man: the Band of Brothers actor bootcamp video diaries.

Thank you, Ron. We are deeply, deeply in your debt.

So! Band of Brothers real person fic, meta, picspams, icons, news, squeefests and all sundry, helloooooo. The rules are simple: clearly label everything you post, don't spam without actual content, and don't be stupid about inciting wank. More specifically:

If you're posting fic, please label the following:
Genre (gen, slash, AU, &c):
Pairing (if applicable):
Summary/Warnings/Author's Notes:
Do not forget this, guys, just in case some wide-eyed non-fandom person comes here to write an article or something.
Be generous in your use of the mighty lj-cut. It's just the nice thing to do. Finally, friendslock all posts featuring fictional representations of real people.

When you post anything, please love the tagging system. If you have to create a tag for a character, please follow this format: character:matthew settle for fiction; actor:robin laing for picspam, meta, news, &c. (Despite the redundancy, I do think it's important we maintain a distinction between the actors as we write them as characters and the actors as they appear around and about.)

If there's something in the community you'd rather not see, simply scroll past: there's enough room for everyone here, and we all love the same thing.

Any questions or comments can be directed at newredshoes, or via email at fangirlitis[at]gmail[dot]com.

There is so much that is so, so cool about this, guys. Please keep in mind that ultimately, we want to be respectful of the vets, as the actors themselves are. Use your discretion. Beyond that? Go wild.