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Who was at bootcamp?

Okay, so it's been said that around forty guys were at the actor bootcamp run by Dale Dye, Freddie Joe Farnsworth, Michael Edmiston and pals. I'm trying to come up with a list; some of this is confirmed by Ron's bootcamp diaries and some photos by Rick Warden, but others are just guesses from knowing who was a Toccoa man or who joined before Normandy and going down the IMDb page (which is not complete either). Two question marks means it's a much wobblier guess than one question mark. If anyone has any confirmations or corrections, they would be much appreciated!

Attended bootcamp:

Damian Lewis (Winters)
Donnie Wahlberg (Lipton)
Ron Livingston (Nixon)
Scott Grimes (Malarkey)
Peter Youngblood Hills (Shifty Powers)
Rick Gomez (Luz)
Michael Cudlitz (Bull Randleman)
Nicholas Aaron (Popeye Wynn)* - gets introduced as "a replacement" during a Jump Week segment - anyone know why?
James Madio (Perconte)
Shane Taylor (Doc Roe)
Dexter Fletcher (Johnny Martin)
Ross McCall (Liebgott)
? Philip Barantini (Skinny Sisk)
Neal McDonough (Buck Compton)
Frank John Hughes (Guarnere)
[Dale Dye (Sink)]
? Michael Fassbender (Christenson)
Nolan Hemmings (Chuck Grant)
Rene Moreno (Ramirez)
Richard Speight Jr. (Muck)
Rick Warden (Harry Welsh)
Kirk Acevedo (Joe Toye)
Doug Allen (Alton More)
Eion Bailey (Webster)
Matthew Leitch (Talbert)
? Tim Matthews (Penkala)
Matthew Settle (Speirs)
Peter McCabe (Hoobler)
Ben Caplan (Smokey Gordon)
Craig Heaney (Cobb)
Phil McKee (Strayer) - at least, I think that's him sauntering around in suspenders during Jump Week
? Simon Schatzberger (Lesniewski) ?
? Ezra Godden (van Klinken) ?
Adam James (Petty)
? [Actor unknown] (Plesha) - I know I see him around in the background, and it took rewatching "Currahee" to figure it out
? Mark Lawrence (Dukeman)
? Rocky Marshall (One Lung McClung)
Bart Ruspoli (Tipper)
David Schwimmer (Sobel)
? Marc Warren (Blithe) ?
? Marcos D'Cruze (Joe Domingus) ?
? Stephen Graham (Mike Ranney) ?
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